The Listener Episode: Volume 5

May 9, 2019

The Listener Episode: Volume 5

Hello acolyte at home. I usually never whore out our Patreon right from the get go, but today is different. We've decided to start releasing bonus content to Patrons only - so as little as $1 per month means extra content for you all - plus the normal prizes that go along with it. So consider it, reconsider it, and dig out your mom's debit card to give generously. 

This week we've taken some 'questions' from the fans in our fifth installment of our listener specials. I mean questions lightly too. Those quotes are real. You guys are fucking slacking in the quality of questions. But we encourage you to think harder and submit more. We answer all questions even if it means sacrificing a week to a shitty episode. But remember that you did this to yourselves. 

How can we beg for your Patreon donations and then turn around and shit on you all? It's tough, but we manage. Anyways, here's what we're covering this week...

1) What cocktail defines who we are? (Featuring some shitty cocktails we made at Scott's house. Check out our Instagram for that....)

2) Little mommy, big salami? 

3) What is the worst item to put through the wash?

4) What is the best kind of french fries?

5) What is the most supreme breakfast food?


You kinda get our mentality now about those questions? Little mommy, big salami? Fucking Miranda goddamn tits. Maybe we put ourselves in the corner by guaranteeing your content makes the show. So as of today I'm happy to say your shitty stupid quotes won't get airtime. Make some real effort and generate some real discussion and you're welcome. We have nobody to lose over this, so I'm satisfied being picky. 

But to the other 99% of you whom we love, check us out at all these cool places. 

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Our subreddit is full of lively discussion so we hope to see you all there sometime. 

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