The Listener Special: Volume 3

October 19, 2017

The Listener Special: Volume 3

This is the 2nd week promoting our newest theme - The Important Questions Shitty Fluted

We hope you've enjoyed this week celebrating 1 year of Important Questions - if you have not already done so, hit up our episode directory and check our the Year 1 Revisit and the Best of Compilation of our first year. 

To cap off our birthday week - here's our finale. The 3rd round of questions submitted by fans of the show. We love putting these together, and we highly encourage more questions from all of you. There's a button on this site to submit a question, or do it through social media. You can be a part of our 4th show - if you have a golden question, don't hog it all for yourself. People deserve to hear it!

Now, for the this episode, here's what the fans wanted to know - 

1) What's the proper way to react to finding your roommate's porn stash, but your roommate is your dad?

2) What is the worst theme for a mini golf course?

3) What would fetuses be like if we could find psychological disorders while they were in the womb?

4) How would countries fight their wars if all the weapons and means to produce them suddenly disappeared?


Keep in touch, we'll be back next week at our usual time!

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