The Listener Special: Volume 2

June 22, 2017

The Listener Special: Volume 2

First and foremost, we have the first new genre of theme song this week! Please feel free to check out and download The Important Questions Theme in 8 bit

This week's art is a dick tree. Thanks, Smitty. 

If you're here for the 2017 Dark Lord Imperial Stout review, click around the 53 minute mark. But listen to the rest too, we're pretty good.

This is the 2nd of our listener episodes. All 4 questions this week are from listeners at home who felt brave enough to let us know what they wanted to hear. And by the way, keep doing that - there's more listener episodes coming! You can ask over social media, you can ask over email, or click that button on this site right here. Also donate to our Patreon and review us on iTunes if you actually give a shit. 

This week's questions:

1) From Denver, CO - If you were a tree and you lived outside of an apartment building's windows for 30 years, would the people inside get more or less sexually deviant? We give this one our best...........

2) From Chicago, IL - If you were paid $10 million to survive any horror movie, which would you choose?

3) From Kansas City, MO - If someone from Ice Road Truckers finally fell through the ice and died, would that help the show or hurt it?

4) From England (city unknown) - How come Americans are so obsessed with being American, but also extremely obsessed with their heritage? We were all big fans of this question. Every now and then it's good to have a serious thing to bullshit about. 

Then last but not least, we crack open a cold one with the boys. At 53 minutes in, we try out a 2017 Dark Lord beer. For those who don't know, it's a very sought after stout and it's pretty damn good. Only brewed for one day per year. 

Listeners, thank you for your input, and be sure to keep it up so we can keep bringing the content! And enjoy our 8-bit outro!

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