The Listener Special: Volume 6

July 25, 2019

The Listener Special: Volume 6

This week your questions are at the forefront of discussion. And this time around, we had the most diverse round of questions. They range from statements, to questions, to questions from other species. This is a first. Hopefully not the last. We would love to field questions from various sea creatures, land creatures, and air creatures. So long as shit is important, we don't judge. 

So pull down your pants and join us this week as we proceed to go over our best practice for prime masturbation. 

1) What is our pre jerk off routine?

2) Some jerk off tells us why he's anti abortion.

3) What is a good boy?

4) What is one super power we would not want?

5) What would daily life be like if we were blind?

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