Episode 74

January 16, 2020

A very special hello to the influx of Turkish and Irish folks who either truly exist and are making our podcast boom in those countries, or accidentally streamed something a lot, or just are bots. Either way, thank you. We're over 14k downloads total now, and that's pretty neat. What isn't neat is the lack of questions, voicemails, and purchases of sweet ass merch. Please resolve this issues by close of business or I will shit my pants. 

1) What are some reasons to look forward to getting super old?

2) What are the worst things to have automated robots for?

3) How can we make hospitals better?

You may think "oh yeah another bs podcast of white dudes wanting Patreon donations - how fuckin' original..." and you're completely right. However, back in 2016 we were slightly more original as the podcast market for comedy continues to get oversaturated with completely unfunny jerkass dudes who think talking into their phone will produce the next Joe Rogaine. However, cmon dudes we've been consistent. We have professional equipment. We have no social media presence. So why not take the dive into our $1 tier (or more) and get yourself an extra episode per month? Why........not.......do it?

Also nice coffee mugs on the merch shop. Can vouch for its niceness because I drink coffee out of it several times weekly.  

We will play literally any voicemail. Leave us a message: (815) 905-1138