Episode 73

January 9, 2020

Welcome to the new year, Beauners. Happy 2020. Vision fuggin' 2020, heh? 

Fucking kill me. How the fuck did we make it to 2020? This was a dumb shit project that we started in Mitch's basement with subpar microphones and it downward spiraled into better equipment and same piss poor us, only now we have 3 people that pay for us to essentially sit in Scott's basement now and jack each other off on their dicks. 

Hey, but I'm just venting because in 2019 I managed to get fat again and ended up with less money, but more Beauners. Remember the days when we got $20 per month from Beau but then he just made us suffer with his gumballs and then immediately pulled out. What a tease. We'll be your bitch again, btw. Just takes $20. 

Here's our bullshit for the week...

1) What things can kids do that adults would get strange looks for?

2) What afterlife would you prefer and how would you like to be reincarnated?

3) For the first time ever.....we're not gonna reveal a question. The text would ruin the context. Just be ready and be happy. 

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