A Festive Episode 72

December 27, 2019

A Festive Episode 72

Despite giving no warning at all, Dave and Scott managed to both have gifts to share with everyone while Rico came unprepared. This week we give gifts and hang out by the fireside discussing Christmas questions 2 days 2 late. And here they are!

1) Where did the elves come from?

2) What are the best and worst Christmas songs?

3) What would the court proceeding be like for Santa who's reindeer ran grandma over?

And stick around for a surprise mystery 4th question.....

For our non beauners, consider that whole "$1 to Patreon" thing that we bullshit about weekly. It will get you an extra episode each month. And this month it's an extra fuggin' special episode of REAL OR FAKE. You won't want to miss it unless you've found a way to obtain it illegally. In any case, we also have a merch button up there. Buy some shit because it makes our weiners feel nice. 

Hope everyone's 2020 doesn't suck as bad as 2019 did!

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