Episode 71

December 12, 2019

Episode 71

Scott mixed the episode this week, so if it is shitty, blame him. Don't blame Dave's teachings. Scott didn't do the artwork this week, but it does look like it is on his level. "Scott is fat and scrunchy" -Rico. Scott is also doing the show notes and referring to himself in third person. Scott is dumbass. 

Anyways, fuck you. We have three fat and beautiful questions for you all this week. Rico is up first with his "bad question" about how to get a mouse or whatever animal off your dick. Ladies, you will have to come up with your own solution if it is biting your whatever the fuck. Next, Dave inquires why there is no market for his fat/hairy man nudes. I'm sure there is somewhere, we are just too lazy to look. Shit Dave, i'd buy them. But i'm also broke af so (Alexa, insert shrug emoji). Lastly, Scott asks what are some of the minor inconveniences of being fat and/or tall (besides heart disease, diabetes, increased risk of heart attack and/or stroke, weak joints, general gross appearance, loneliness, shit piss, and small boners). 

We still miss Smitty, and Mitch, and even Adam, but we are doing the best we can. With that being said, we appreciate you all, especially our boners/beauners. Luckily! We are releasing two bonus episodes this month. One is a Real or Fake game that is for patreon donors only, the next is a fun Wish game that we invented. But this one is going out to all you people for the Christmas/whateverthefuck. Hope that is a big enough cock tease to bring you back next week. Gosh I hope we are back next week too. Have a good week everybody 

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