Episode 68

November 7, 2019

Episode 68

Although we are an episode away from the elusive 69, we still want to take the time to appreciate the sexual position. The slurping, the suckling, the occasional spitting and gagging. Truly, we are in the golden age. 

More on our appreciation next week. This week we have 4 questions and absolutely no trailing off subject. 

1) What would life be like for the Jackass crew if they never stopped filming?

2) Is it fair to judge somebody by the media they consume?

3) What are some of your worst intrusive thoughts that you wouldn't act out?

4) What activities are okay to do with kids but strange to do without them?

I'd also like to take time to mention that we've secured a 3rd Beauner on Patreon, and collectively need to thank you all for thinking we are worth something when our own parents even thought we wouldn't amount to anything. Still not sure what to spend your money on. Thinking seriously, new microphones or something practical. Thinking stupidly, pizza. Thinking seriously, maybe some advertisements or something to expand our reach. Thinking stupidly, beer. Thinking seriously, pay for some website domains and soundcloud feeds that make this all possible. Thinking stupidly, drugs. 

I'll probably go the serious route, and you buying a shirt or coffee mug helps too. Merch link somewhere. 

But let's get real here a sec - I've noticed not a lot of new questions coming in through the site or our voicemail. What gives, our usually vocal crowd? I need you all for my own sanity. Scott just recovered from aids. Also, if you haven't left a review on your podcast directory of choice, pls do because it makes us more prominent in those directories. We're on our way to 100 episodes, but we will fail and drown without those things. 

Please have a nice week, beauners and non beauners.

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