Episode 66

October 3, 2019

Episode 66

God's Scott's not dead!

And hoo-fuckin'-ray because that means more quality content pleasing those deep burning podcast needs you have.

This week is a special week because we did a new style of question and it actually turned out good! Not like the 'who would win' or 'would you rather' which also turned out decent, but not great. And props to Dave for editing a show for once and putting effort into a well-polished finished product. You can stop self-sucking now, Dave.

Here's the bullshit of the week.

1) What if everything was a porno?

2) Can the acolytes discern a real news article from fake ones? (Here's the part where a good show note writer and editor would include sources to the articles we reference).

3) If there were no regulations, what would be the worst thing you could donate your dead body to?

4) Jesus is in town for the week. What are we doing with him?

Now yes, we did miss a bonus episode due to Scott's nearly dead and bloated body. But that's not to say donating $1 per month on Patreon won't get you bonus content 99% of months. Shit, with the holidays coming up, the boys are gonna take some weeks off. But have no fear if you are a boner of ours. Because you can feel safe knowing that your podcast inventory will have the nice cushy thicc fallback of a bonus episode. Plus we been thinking about doing more of the real vs. fake news stuff for bonus episodes. And I know you enjoyed that shit and want more. Lemme tease you a little with it now and get you hooked. Yeah, you want it. You want this content bb? O fuccccccc

We got merch too. Be our first customer. And I say that, indeed, desperately as fuck. 

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