Episode 65

September 12, 2019

Episode 65

Fuck yeah it's Thursday night and Davey's a little behind. But I have an obligation and it's time for me to get my ass into gear and get this audio chocolate into your ears. But honestly at this point it's like - why not just wait til Friday? Ah, but if I do, then the people who listen Friday morning at work won't get to, and their week sucks. I don't want that for anyone. My fans are the most important thing to me. 

Honestly, and this isn't a good excuse, but I have this non air conditioned office and it's been hot. Add that to an office without cell service and a knowledge that I conduct meetings on my phone - so I've been walking around a bit and getting some swass and chapped ass. All in all, my buttcheeks hurt and it's not been a good time. If you can get that image out of your head, then you can proceed to this week's questions...

1) What is your most embarrassing moment?

2) What kind of things would take a renaissance fair too far?

3) What lies did your parents tell you in an attempt to explain things?

4) Fuck/Marry/Kill - Dog, Mom, Dad............oof.

Ya'll already know where to find us and where to get bonus content and merch. Dave ain't gotta say shit. 

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