Episode 63

August 29, 2019

Episode 63

Honestly I'm not sure what to even fuckin' say anymore. It's been almost 90 something episodes. Maybe more. Shit...how many lame jokes can I throw into a preshow note before zipping to the questions and then advertising all the bullshit? 

Why doesn't someone buy a shirt? Why doesn't someone buy a mug? Maybe then Davey will feel better and write better shit. Maybe then Smitty will draw the artwork again. Maybe then we'll deliver content that doesn't consist of cummies, poop, and how other peoples' farts are terrible. But until then, you're left with whatever the next 70 minutes will bring you. And you'll probably laugh and have a good time, but just know we're all dying inside. 

1) How can you slyly adjust your balls or scratch your asshole?

2) What can be achieved by commenting on porn?

3) How do you show you're comfortable with your masculinity?

4) Why do printers still suck?


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