Episode 61

August 15, 2019

Episode 61

In a totally expected twist, today Scott asks a question that doesn't turn out how he wanted it to. Instead, the rest of us ganged up on him and called him names and made him cry like a bitch. I recommend sending us a voicemail doing the same and telling Scott he's a dumbass. Wait for his question. 

Or - we have a subreddit for post show discussion. Tell Scott there. Tell him everywhere. 

The first 1/8 of the way into the episode, Dave discovers the solution to the skipping audio. Again, it's not terrible, but it gets resolved. Join us on our subreddit to also call Dave names for being a inferior audio engineer. 

Also feel free to call Smitty names, and I would say Rico, but he really hasn't done enough to make me feel like he's a bitch. Prove us wrong. 

Questions this week....

1) What are the most important guidelines to follow on a vacation?

2) What are the god tier, mid tier, and shit tier fast food places?

3) Which is worse: kissing a man or shitting your pants in public?

4) What are the stupidest world records to try and set or break


Call to action - do things pls. Podcasts are best when they're interactive. What can we do better? Perhaps buy different audio cables? Perhaps quit while we're ahead? Perhaps get Rico a better seat? Let us know my boners. 

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