Episode 60

August 12, 2019

Episode 60


So every good thing can't be perfect, and somehow some wires weren't good and caused some audio skips. So the professional thing to do is say it up front so we don't look like cunts. Either way, we're a bunch of cunts. 

I will say, the skips are not enough to ruin the episode or make it unlistenable - BUT there are some awkward moments - power through my dudes. 

Otherwise this week we answer questions and shit our pants. This is what we answered.

1)  How can we tell super religious people that they look stupid?

2) Why don't people mind their own damn business?

3) What's the worst things you can wish on people to make your own life more convenient?

4) What are the most overused phrases?


Call to action - do things pls. Podcasts are best when they're interactive. What can we do better? Perhaps buy different audio cables? Perhaps quit while we're ahead? Perhaps get Rico a better seat? Let us know my boners. 

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