Episode 58

July 18, 2019

Episode 58

Show notes show notes show notes. 

This episode would have been up earlier, but our overlords over at Soundcloud decided to let our track sit in processing for 4+ hours even after reuploading. But eventually they got the cocks out of their butts and our episode is up. But now here we are 83 episodes into a series, and I'm wondering if this shit needs a new host. But holy crap, can you imagine the pain that probably goes into transferring RSS hosts even though it may be easy and I didn't do any research?

Cause that's where I am now. Frustrated, constipated, and not drunk enough for this shit. Anyways, here's ya'll's questions.

1) What is way too overrated?

2) What are some of the weirdest mascots for businesses?

3) What are some of the lesser known and unspoken benefits of certain jobs and careers?

4) What are the shit tier, mid tier, and god tiers of nostalgic foods?

No page break today, because I'm in a hurry. But what I will say is, Dave, remember to include the link to that demonic Quizno's commercial in the show notes. Oh yeah, thanks Dave. And Dave fuckin' delivers.

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