Episode 57

July 11, 2019

Episode 57

It's the week after the 4th of July Thursday. We didn't release an episode because of the holiday, and you were left going through question withdrawal. You slowly descend into madness, rocking back and forth and asking yourself if you're satisfied. This morning it seemed all hope was lost. But then, like a ray of mother fuckin' sunshine, episode 57 drops and suddenly the hopelessness is gone and you are back to being fully erect. 

Sorry about that whole no episode thing last week. I've noticed on holidays, nobody works. And that means nobody listens. So maybe you would have, and that's cool. But I gotta cater to the unspoken downloaders who lurk like the scum they are. Anyways, here's what we got going this week...

1) Are people that drive motorcycles stupid?

2) Where is the line between being gay and being curious?

3) Where is the line between curiosity and being rude when asking personal questions?

4) What are the god tier, mid tier, and shit tiers of midnight snacks?


Yo dudes and ladies, we got a listener episode getting dropped soon. You know what that means - pile in your last minute questions via website or voicemail now before you're left out! 

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Otherwise, same ol' garbage. You know the drill. Write reviews and like the social media pages. That's all good stuff too. 

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