Episode 56

June 27, 2019

Episode 56

Dave said nobody reads the show notes so I can do it

Sup thicc booty b*tchs, it is ya boi Scott.

Did you notice that hand-drawn picture that is actually good? That was our main guy Smitty, back at it again with the drawings 'n shit which is pretty fuggin cool. Also back this week is our usual cast of morons who try really hard to have you like us, while simultaneously saying that we don't give a shit. Did you like the episodes that people called into? Do you want to be one of them? Then I would suggest posting nudes or some shit to any of our social media outlets because why not (insert shrugging emoji here). Here is this week's list of brain dumpings we phrased into questions:

1) What invention would you like to take credit for?

2) How much influence would Christianity have if the messiah's name was Chad?

3) How can we make epic movies seem less epic?

4) How should I tell everyone about my little dick?


Did you get your question about the little dick answered? I know I did, and I'm still considering telling everybody it is just the occasional little dick day despite the fact that it has been 9672 days and twelve hours (26.5 years worth). Check my math! Don't believe me?!?!?!......me either.

Anyways, not get soppy or anything but we are super grateful for the audience participation. It is honestly pretty sweet to know that the guys aren't also just saying that they have little dicks to make me feel better. I'm not crying, you are crying. 

THIS NEXT SECTION IS FOR PATREON BONERS/BOZOs ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your bonus episode drops tomorrow. That episode was brought to you in part by listeners like you, thank you. Fuck you random lurker, i know you don't donate and you still read that passage.....dickhead 


See any of the links below to participate in shit, or continue to ignore them like you always have I guess. I mean, we will probably keep recording shit regardless, we just wouldn't let you come on the show and ask questions we have already been over, despite the fact that it turned out funnier this time. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, what else what else what else....................................................

Enjoy your week, weekend, time sitting at home alone because all of your friends are busy/married 'n shit, all that good stuff. 


P.S. The censored word was batches.

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