Episode 53

June 6, 2019

Episode 53

In our usual tradition, today's episode is brought to you by Ron Jeremy, the legendariest dick in the west. 

But for real, it's actually being sponsored again by ourselves because we're kinda selfish assholes. We have bonus content for sale. It's $1 per month via Patreon, and you get an extra episode per month, and bragging rights that you support some podcast that really hasn't gotten better in content, production quality, or consistency for 4+ years. But all that's gonna change, I swear. For example, Smitty had some shit going on when we recorded this episode. Usually we'd say fuck it and take a long ass break from making shows and such, but this time we said no to that because we knew this dude named Mitch who used to drop some funny lines for us. I apologize for the misleading Smitty-looking dildo in the pic, but Smitty no aqui this week. That said, Mitch and Rico look strikingly similar, so just imagine two of those bottom, right dildos are in the room talking to each other. 

The questions this week are.......

1) If legality was not an issue, is there anything Spencer's Gifts would not sell?

2) What are some creative ways to escape being robbed or mugged?

3) When is fat coming back? (But more importantly, how awesome is Ron Jeremy?)

4) What are some stupid things we acolytes believed as children?


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