The Important Questions Memorial Day Special

May 30, 2019

The Important Questions Memorial Day Special

Special thanks to that terrific asshole who uploaded 10 hours of 'Hail to the Chief' but only the part that everyone knows to Youtube. You've made today's episode possible. 

We had a bonus episode drop on Tuesday to Patreon bozos only. You can go about never missing any content ever by donating as little as $1 per month to our Patreon and unlocking all bonus episodes to come. Plus additional donations get more shit too, so that's cool. 

This week marks the return of our beloved Rico, acceptable Dave, intolerable Scott, and penetrable Mitch. Smitty had some shit to do, so he's on the bench this week, keeping it warm and toasty for our butts' return. We decided to go about doing a Memorial Day episode on the spot, and it turned out pretty funny. Much like our Christmas special, expect lots of background noise a la the first line of my show notes. Today's episode features only questions loosely related to politics, military shit, or something of the sort. And those questions are......

1) Has joining the military lost its respect?

2) What would wars be like if they were fought between world leaders only in a WWE style?

3) What fictional character would make the best president?

4) If a child was elected president with unlimited power and no checks or balances, how would our society be?


Might I gently, yet forcefully encourage you all to submit a question by hitting that big orange button you see on the page? You can have your important question answered by the most average truth seeking, question answering, bullshit spewing acolytes of knowledge that you ever did see. And that's some fuckin' honor. We here at Imp Quest hope you enjoyed your 3 day holiday weekend. But as you sit in your cubicle realizing that 1 extra day off work doesn't really make anything better in your soul sucking corporate job that only exists to help other people meet their bottom line, we hope this 45 minutes of content makes you happy af. And in turn, we hope you take that happiness and transform it into a cash donation to our Patreon to help us meet our bottom line in our soul sucking corporate podcast. 

Have a good week!

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