Episode 52 - Scott Has the Hiccups

May 23, 2019

Episode 52 - Scott Has the Hiccups

80 minutes. 45 of them features Scott trying to control the spasms going on in his torso. Way to be a stereotypical drunk, Scott. 

Anyways, here's some shit. Here's some show notes. The topics of the day and the semi-retarded blog that Dave types along with it. I'm half listening to the background noise right now, and goddamn Scott gets angry this episode. Our first question is what pisses you off, and Scott has some serious passion. Scott also did an art, featured above. Smitty is making memes with watermarks so Scott stepped up to make our puppet looking fuckers in our natural habitat. 

The topics this week my dudes.....

1) What pisses you off?

2) Should there be a punishment for just being an all around douchebag?

3) What are the worst movies and why?

4) Why haven't we been visited by aliens?

E52 Smitty Art

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