Episode 50 - Spicy Time with the Boys

May 2, 2019

Episode 50 - Spicy Time with the Boys

Ever wonder how poorly Dave prepares for these releases? For the life of me, I can't remember what we talked about aside from the first 2 questions and the overlying theme of eating spicier and spicier nuggets while totally ripping off Hot Ones. But fuck me in the ass if I don't eventually update it after I listen back to the episode. 

Oh by the way, you're probably wondering why we released a show last week and again this week. It's because we're back to weekly releases and want to pump out less quality but more quantity! And I'm only partially kidding of course. 

But to expand on my first point - this week we're celebrating 50 episodes. Halfway to 100. And we decided to punish ourselves for putting that kind of pressure on you all by eating hot sauce on subpar chicken nuggies. It did hurt. And after this episode, I did shit pure fire. I'm fairly certain Scott and Rico also shat fire, but Smitty doesn't poop if you recall prior episodes. 

The topics that Dave remembers from this week are.....

1) What can't sex sell?

2) What is the dumbest conspiracy theory?

There's 2 more in there too....you'll find them. 


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