Episode 49

April 25, 2019

Episode 49

Today is a special-ass Thursday. Not only is this because the podcast is back with one hour, twenty-one minutes, and forty-eight seconds of bullshit for you, but also because this marks the beginning of weekly releases again! Now you may not quite get that premise - so here's a play by play of how that will go. This Thursday, there's an episode. Next Thursday, there's an episode. The following Thursday? Episode. And so on. 

Also, big thank you to the fans who have been submitting questions, voicemails, etc....there's been a lot more recently than there's ever been and that's very exciting. We will hit EVERY question that we get as promised in the weeks to come - so if you've submitted a question, keep your ears peeled for it soon! 

Also, before we hit the topics of the week, special thank you for Natural Light Naturdays for not sponsoring our show despite the fact that we shill the fuck out of them in the hour, twenty-one minutes, and forty-eight seconds to come. Surprisingly good for piss beer, but you can drink all 30 in the case and not get remotely buzzed. Now onto the topics of the week.......

1) From our great overlord and premium big money Bozo Patron donor - Who would win in a fight between Wile E Coyote and Tom from Tom and Jerry? Both tend to be losers in their field, but which one is the biggest loser?

2) From our newest acolyte Rico - How do you poop?

3) From Dave, your host on the wild ride of the Impoquas - What is the best way to deal with clogged toilets in various public and private societal situations? (I recommend sticking around for this one. You might learn something).

4) From the hostess with the mostess mediocreness - How would the first time machines actually be used?

5) From the Guiness Record holder for longest 'yeah boi' - What would be the steps towards gaining your own religious following?


Hello, and welcome to the bottom portion. This is the portion that shills our social media pages, encourages you to donate to Patreon, and leave more 5 star iTunes reviews since we're now up to 5, but would love a 6th. 

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