Episode 48

April 11, 2019

Episode 48

Hello, and welcome to The Important Show Notes, the only show notes that add very little substance or importance to the audio content of our show.

Artwork this week from Smitty features a 12-legged Jesus chugging essential oils. Word of advice, never use #EssentialOils on Instagram unless you want some huns selling you shit. Also, please welcome back Rico this week. He's certainly proving to be okay.

We start things off with the Cube Test results, but otherwise, this week's questions are...... 

1) Who has it worse: a guy with no legs or a guy with too many legs?

2) What is the most dubious MLM?

3) What would a modern second coming of Jesus look like?

4) What mundane parts of adulthood have been exciting?


Sup. Dave here. Signing off the show notes. 

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