Episode 45 (Feat. Stand-In Acolyte)

February 28, 2019

Episode 45 (Feat. Stand-In Acolyte)

This week's shitty art by Dave. He'll be doing shitty art as necessary. Please understand, fans. Please don't hurt Dave.

Also you may notice a new voice today on the show. Adam sat in as our 4th chair today. Adam recorded two episodes with us, but there will be more Mitch or Brian or Jeff in the future or something. 

The artwork cat is Scott's bald cat. In case you're wondering where we got the cat.

Thank you, Beau. You'll be receiving your chef's choice episode and private episode in March. 

Here's this week's questions.

1) How do you make mundane activities into extreme ones?

2) How should we prepare for the inevitable collapse of the United States?

3) What would a modern day Fear Factor reboot look like? 

4) Why does everything need a survey, and will surveys eventually take over the world?


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