Episode 42

January 3, 2019

Episode 42

If you didn't guess from the giant artwork featured above, we bitch about millennials this week - but we also kind of praise the standard we've held ourselves to. So 50/50 on that. We're trying our best to step off our high horses and humble ourselves. 

Anyways, might I recommend submitting a question through the website or calling our voicemail line at (815) 905-1138? We're very close to a new listener episode and your question might be the one that makes that fantasy into a reality.

I also briefly want to mention our $0 Patreon which we've grown very fond of. That said, we would spend a retarded amount of time praising the first person to give us $1. Imagine the 100+ hours of entertainment and enjoyment you've received from this show. Is that not worth $12 a year to you animals? Think of the rewards you'll get by hitting the donate button and searching the rewards you'll get. Feels good to be rewarded. 

Here are the questions for this week...

1) What is the adult equivalent of eating your vegetables?

2) What is the next business that millennials are going to kill?

3) What is the most inappropriate time to send an edible arrangement?

4) What is the best way to make money with minimal effort and risk?

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