The Important Questions Christmas Special

December 20, 2018

The Important Questions Christmas Special

Welcome to the one and only edition of The Important Questions themed for Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then happy whatever. Kwanzaa isn't real. 

Since everyone is off work and most people listen to this shit working, we decided to fire out 4 Christmas themed questions as fast as possible. We also busy and shit, so there's that. But we always find time for our fans. 

Here's the questions to expect. 

1) If not reindeer, what else can pull Santa's sleigh? 

2) What would happen if they put Frosty's hat on anything else? 

3) In the realm of Starbucks and their red cups, how else can we minorly declare war on Christmas? 

4) What shouldn't they throw cranberries in around Christmas?

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