Episode 40

September 27, 2018

Episode 40


This week's host - the great Mitch.

The Important Questions has some great updates for you all below. So be sure to read the entire paragraph. Honestly, my show notes should never take more than like 3 minutes to read. I'd like to see the person who sees my notes and thinks they're too intimidating. For this week, here's what we got in store for everyone.

Mitch kicks us off with an intro question as he does when he hosts shows. What sort of inventions should be here by now? After the juices get flowing, here's what goes down.

Scott - What would the world be like if every single medical condition was as communicable and easily fought off as the common cold?

Dave - What keeps psychics in business? Also, how do two psychics in the same area compete against each other?

Mitch - What are the telltale signs of a failing business?

Craig - Who would win in a fight between some guy who parks his truck across multiple parking spots or another person who posts statuses about going to the gym but never posts pictures with it?

Rsz 2rsz cover art

If you've stayed with the show long enough, you know that we are fans of the LA Beast and continue to push him time to time to call in or appear on our show. So far it's been zero luck. The guy appeared on Jason Ellis's show, so that kind of sets a standard way above where we are. But that first guest spot is still his unless Muhammad wants to step in. 

Anyways, time for The Important Updates.

1) New theme song and cross promo coming soon! We're gearing up for Oktoberfest with a new shitty midi theme song with obviously fake trumpets and tubas that aren't quite perfectly in time. Also, I've reached out to another individual on another podcast with some musical ability who will be soon producing the first theme song cover in a genre to be named soon! Expect some shilling and such - but I'll start by saying I think this is a very cool way to cross promote without being boring and just mentioning other shows the way small podcasters tend to do. 

2) Our Patreon got unpublished, but after some work, is now up and running again. Now, I know this may not seem like a big deal because we're still sitting at $0. However, this is a big deal because now we can make that first dollar! Please be the first by clicking that donate button at the top of the page. Whoever donates the first dollar will get some serious love from the acolytes. Serious. Love. We shill our Patreon at the end of the episode, so stick around to hear us beg for validation. 

Next show is The 4th Lightning Round and it will drop October 11th! See you all then.

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