Episode 39

September 13, 2018

Episode 39

Against everyone's better judgement and the masses saying don't do it, we're here with a 39th episode of dumb shit banter because we love all three of you, assuming you stuck around for the last 4 months wondering "O fuk I wonder where The Important Poquies went?"

For our new wave of fans that are born, we welcome you. Please tell us your name asap so we can humiliate ourselves because someone talked to us or acknowledged our existence. 

But since the podcast is back full swing, we are once again taking your listener questions. Submit through the site or call our voicemail line (which is featured on today's show) at 815-905-1138. New episodes are coming out every other Thursday. Now onto the questions

Smitty: What are some less important 'firsts' we may or may not celebrate upon our colonization of Mars?

Mitch: What are the benefits of being super morbidly obese?

Scott: Are companies like meal delivery services, fast food delivery, grocery delivery, and pick-up laundry making it more acceptable and easy to become shut-ins?

Dave: Do we need another plague?


After the questions, stick around. We try some durian fruit snack. Durian is an eastern Asian fruit that smells like sewage and gym socks when you cut it open, so people decided to cultivate it and eat it. So did we. Is it just as disgusting as it sounds? Just listen and maybe you'll find out. Transcription of show not available because we talk over each other too damn much. Just rewind and listen a few times so you hear all the conversations. 

New show 9/27!

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