Episode 38

April 5, 2018

Episode 38

This week on The Important Questions, Dave begs listeners to call into the voicemail line set up for the show @ (815) 905-1138. 

Dave will also be using #PodernFamily on Twitter in hopes some person will reach out without any context of the show whatsoever by the way. Sometimes those people are nice, but a lot of those jackasses just use #PodernFamily to promote their own shows without offering any subsequent advice, feedback, or enjoyment from others. Self included. 

Anyways, this week we have 4 questions instead of our typical show which only contains 4. 

1) What are some constructive ways to get rid of irrational anger?

2) What makes something actually funny?

3) How can we turn certain vices into artsy and cool hobbies like craft beer did for alcoholism?

4) What are the advantages of bringing back the gladiators for criminals?


Call into the show pls. Our art is nice too. Muhammad, I don't know what your Google Glass is worth bro. I didn't watch Mad Max because Mel Gibson is kind of a douche. I didn't watch the new one because Mel Gibson's legacy is kind of a douche. Also why the fuck did you buy a Google Glass? And do you need us to optimize our website for your streaming? Pls respond. 

We will play literally any voicemail. Leave us a message: (815) 905-1138