Episode 36

March 8, 2018

Episode 36

Welcome to the 36th episode of The Important Questions, and to our Pakistani friends, stay tuned for a special message at the bottom of our show notes. 

This week we are playing the much beloved The Important Questions Theme in A Capella

Art this week by the talented Mitch, constructing our muppified-puppet creations into a royal rumble while he was working. 

And for those who just come for the questions and then leave immediately:

1) How can churches do away with collection plates?

2) How can all major sports start using ridiculous WWE style storylines?

3) How far back can you trace back your family recipe that your mother makes the best?

4) How much is it worth to pay for quality sleep?

Rsz 2rsz cover art

Hey there Poqua fans! Did you know the show now has a VOICEMAIL LINE? That's right - you can call into the show and we'll play your important messages on the air for everyone to hear. You can just give any general sort of message, or even submit your questions through a voicemail now. 

Needless to say, we encourage you to submit your questions any way you want. We need them questions bad. 

Call us today @ (815) 905-1138 bozos!

يجب أن أتغوط

We will play literally any voicemail. Leave us a message: (815) 905-1138