How Low Episode 6 - You Are Special

March 1, 2018

How Low Episode 6 - You Are Special

It's a double artwork kinda week. The kinda week where Smitty scribbles art at his job where his asshole boss won't let him go until 8 or take a single day off in April to go fishing with the guys. Who the fuck doesn't allow for a single day off? I mean, Smitty ain't even like a doctor or a medical professional. Fuckin' dude isn't a public servant or fire fighter....shit he ain't even a teacher anymore. Anyways, fuck that dude. 

The other artwork featured above is Dave ripping off an image from Google with minimal text editing. 

Welcome to How Low, and this week we're selling our dignity one dollar at a time when we see the smallest monetary compensation necessary to live life as a retard for one full year. Join us, please, for 15 minutes into the darkest abyss we may have ever gone. We hope you join us next week despite the fact that we're assholes. 

Please send us your comments on how Smitty's boss is an arse.

Episode 6 Part 2