Episode 35

February 21, 2018

Episode 35

Check out our featured theme song of the week! The Important Questions Theme Punk Style

First and foremost - note the artwork. Smitty's artwork. And, our first topic of the episode. Shoutout to our one and only white fan not from Pakistan or Malaysia. Pls tell ur friends about us :(

Also for anyone who is a fan but never liked our social media shit, by simply acknowledging our existence, you can be a part of our show. Like Muhammad. He'll be back too. I'm adding a voicemail line soon too. More details to come. We want more from our audience so we don't have to pester our one white fan and possibly drive him away. Pls don't leave us. 

Anyways, our plea is over. Here are the questions this week.

1)What would famous drama, horror, and adult (non porno) movies be like if they were Disney adapted for kids?
2) If our body parts grew in relation to the kind of work we do, what would various workers' bodies look like?
3) What is the worst time in real life for the Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song to start playing?
4) Where would we draw the line on a health trend being too weird?

Rsz 2rsz cover art

I feel the need to constantly remind everybody that we're on a new schedule. Every other (mostly) Thursday, we release an episode of our big hit show, The Important Questions. Today is Wednesday, but Dave got important shit meetings to attend and can't upload tomorrow. Fuckin' Dave....

Now on our off weeks, we continue to release a short episode of our shitty sub-series, How Low, in which everyone but Mitch sells our dignity in scenarios that will never exist. Please continue to contact us about farts, Muhammad. And Rich, stay cool bruh. We'll send you shit if you want. It won't be worth dick. 

We will play literally any voicemail. Leave us a message: (815) 905-1138