How Low Episode 5 - The Insect Box

February 15, 2018

How Low Episode 5 - The Insect Box

Please check out Scott's brilliant and triumphant work - The How Low Theme

Scott has been working hard. He even did the art for this week, and that's always a treat.

Anyways, welcome to How Low, The Important Questions ugly, unpopular, semi-retarded, and hated brother. This is the show where we whore ourselves out for 10-20 minutes and see how little dignity we have by accepting the least amount of money possible for a particular task. This week, we see how little we are worth as we spend an hour inside of a tiny 5'x5'x8' box with a large population of various insects and spiders. Of course, we encourage you all to tell us why you'd accept lower, or if we're stupid and went too low. Back it up with evidence, because we do no research of any type. 

Anyways, if you haven't yet gotten word of our schedule change, we are releasing The Important Questions and How Low alternating Thursdays. Reason being, it's easier and makes our lives less miserable and keeps our main show fresh and lively. That, and we don't want to end up on another cycle of rehashing the same fart jokes over and over. Particularly why one specific individual seems to not mind their own passing of gas, but the same action, when performed by others, is often times disgusting and enraging. 

We're not about that. 

Episode 35 of The Important Questions drops next Thursday with a special shout out to our number 1 fan!