Episode 34

February 8, 2018

Episode 34

Check out this week's featured theme song! The Important Questions Theme in 8 bit

It's back! The Important Questions can never die, only sleep. It's been a long 3 months, and we're sure you all missed us dearly, and by us we mean especially Mitch. We missed Mitch too. Mitch is fantastic. 

Art this week is a fat smoking piece of crap depicted by the artistically gifted Smitty. 

Now for the questions to expect this week:

1) Since fat shaming is such an effective means of motivation, how can we work fat shaming into public society?
2) Why do employers still allow so many smoke breaks when non smokers can't take breaks?
3) What would a world without glasses mean to our varying degrees of vision?
4) At what point is it alright to complain about getting old? Why is 20 essentially the new 70?


Now we here at The Important Questions took this hiatus so we could use some time to get together as friends and not have to work on something. It was great, relaxing, and otherwise a pleasant time. Weekly shows take a good deal of prep and energy, and it's tough. So to keep the content rolling and the show fresh, we've decided to release a new episode of The Important Questions every OTHER Thursday instead of weekly going forward. On the off weeks, we'll continue to put out How Low episodes since they're short and don't take much work at all to do. 

If you didn't like How Low because your taste in comedy podcasts is wrong, you can join us again February 22nd for episode 35 of TIQ. And as always, have yourself a pleasant week and a very happy Presidents' Day!

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