How Low Episode 4 - Getting Naked

February 1, 2018

How Low Episode 4 - Getting Naked

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So here's another How Low. Since you bastards didn't get the picture, we're doing How Low since the podcast needed time to not be busy. But shit, The Important Questions is coming back next Thursday and will be released every other Thursday. We wanted to be sure we wouldn't burn out again, and this new schedule seems to work. In the mean time, the off weeks will have a How Low episode. If you don't like it, you can eat a dick and wait for next Thursday where there will be more fart jokes and shit aimed at our middle school aged humor audience. 

However, if you like How Low cause it's funny and anyone who says otherwise is wrong - here's 20 minutes or so of debate on the least amount of money you would accept to be nude in front of 50,000 strangers with and without cameras, family, and friends. How ashamed are you of your nudity?

Important Questions return next week! If you donate to our Patreon, maybe we'll like you more.