How Low Episode 1 - Eat Shit

November 16, 2017

How Low Episode 1 - Eat Shit

If you're dying to get more content from the gang, we've just so happened to create a sideshow a few months back that has a handful of episodes to bridge the gap so you don't complete forget about us. 

So this is How Low - a podcast with short episodes that attack one issue per week. The premise: what is the minimum amount of money you'd accept to take on a certain task?

Episode 1 is a little gross, but some episodes take on bodily injuries, living in certain situations that aren't quite the best, living with disease, and like this episode, consuming gross shit. 

This episode asks how low you would go to eat a nugget of your own crap. Comment and let us know - do you agree with our decision? What's the bare minimum you'd accept to take on the challenge? 

Also PS to The Important Questions fans out there - we're coming back sooner than you think. So go ahead and submit some fuggin' questions on the site and we'll be sure you get a crack at our next listener special! Stay connected to us as well on social media so you can find out when the next How Low will drop!