Episode 33

October 26, 2017

Episode 33

Hey check it out! It's the The Important Questions Theme Song original! In the event our wonderful show dies this week, we felt like this would tie off the loose ends. But hey let's hope that doesn't happen. What I'm getting at is, submit your questions! Keep us motivated! Not saying we won't be back regardless. 

Context: Smitty, Mitch, Scott, and I decided to take the holiday months to not worry about the podcast. Of course that risks becoming complacent with not doing the show, but we're trying our best to avoid that. No good show ends after 33 episodes. C'mon, we gotta hit 50. 

Now that aside, you're likely wondering what this potential series finale has to offer. And that's this:

1) What sort of events would take place in the fat piece of shit people Olympics?

2) Lot of our Facebook friends are getting into pyramid schemes and now reconnecting seems even more fake than ever with the risk of them just wanting your money. Will this end up being the death of social media?

3) When are jeans dirty?

4) Who decided that it was not acceptable to drink until 5pm?


Don't want The Important Questions to die forever? We're hoping you're not in the minority. But submitting your questions and giving us your generic feedback is a great way to ensure that we don't get too happy with being lazy sacks of shit. 

Keep in touch with our social media pages and such. We shout them out every goddamn show and there's buttons here on the site for that too. We'll letcha know about the future.


Oh also art credit to Smitty. @mista_smiff on Instagram. Follow for good shit like this.

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