Episode 32

October 12, 2017

Episode 32

It's the first week that you can download The Important Questions Shitty Fluted and we sure hope that you do.

Also enjoy this week's art by Smitty - Earth Sandwich. 

And we are ONE week away from the anniversary week of our show! More details coming soon on our social media sites! It will include a few more releases from us than usual and some details on the future of the show and other content as well. There is a lot to say! 

But this week is just another week featuring the 32nd episode that we've put together. This week I, Dave, give a shoutout to a podcast that told me I couldn't ask the questions I wanted to ask if we shouted them out. So because this is America and I am a free man, I asked just that question. Fuck you, sandwich people.

1) What defines a goddamn sandwich? Is a hotdog a sandwich? Is a taco or burrito a sandwich? You'll find we answer this question better in 10 minutes than that other show did in 40. 

2) How can fast food restaurants improve waiting in line at the drive-thru?

3) Who decided adults didn't want their books illustrated?

4) If you knew you'd be homeless tomorrow, how would you prepare?


Submit your questions and such however you want to do it. We'll be here to answer them. Have a great week, and stay tuned for the good stuff coming early next week!

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