Episode 31

October 5, 2017

Episode 31

This is the final week to download The Important Questions Hardcore Theme 

.........unless you go to the episode directory and download there for the infinite amount of time it's there.

And just for fun, one more week to obtain this wonderful Scott Crane Alarm Clock

Now if you're wondering what the next 1:06:17 is going to be like, and you're really curious as to what you can expect, then here is a short list of possibilities. 

1) Nearly every haunted place in the world is haunted by a spirit of ancient times or as recent as the 1800s, but never too modern. If we had hauntings by ghosts from the modern technological era, what would they be like, and how would they haunt us?

2) Why do people that smoke weed only ever talk about smoking weed?

3) Is it a good and marketable idea to try and make a movie that changes genres midway through the film?

4) How would humans live in a world where Pokemon were actually real?

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Now for the bottom portion....

The anniversary of our show is coming, and there will be a special release schedule for some episodes that are upcoming. The week of 10/16 we will be releasing 3 episodes throughout the week which includes a compilation of our best moments from year 1, a new listener episode, and an episode that revisits the best questions selected by the fans of the show! 

To be a part of our next listener episode, hit that big button that says submit a question and let us know any dumb thing at all you want us to talk about. We really don't have the numbers to be picky, so assume it'll make the cut. 

Keep an eye on our social media sites for the release schedule as well as other fun shit, and as always, have a great-ass week!

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