Episode 30

September 28, 2017

Episode 30

Week 2 of the fantastic The Important Questions Hardcore Theme available for download. Or wait until the grand album release and get them all at once! Or try to win The Important Questions Theme Songs vinyl when that happens. Coming soon. Still a lot more genres left untouched. 

Anyways, you're probably all here for show notes and then to hear me ramble about how you should follow @mista_smiff on Instagram to see more of Smitty's art and such. But instead, I'll lead off with that. If you follow the great Smitty, here's an example of some things you'll see.


Now also we gotta go over the other stuff. Like us on our social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also review us in your podcast directory of choice, because it truly does make a difference for us! Donate to our Patreon if you wanna be the first people to love us so much that you're physically ill at the thought of us only getting paid from our regular day jobs, and not also from our casual hobby. Geesh, now that that's all over, here's some questions for the week. 

From Smitty - Is there any bumper sticker that you can slap on your vehicle that is worthwhile or that won't make you look like a massive tool?

ASMR Break

From Mitch - Why did train robberies die out, and will they ever return?

From Scott - If aliens kept humans as pets after abducting us, what would be their standard operating procedure for taking care of us?

From Dave - If there was a true "opposite day" enacted upon humanity, what would be the worst part?

Click here for more information on the history of train robberies.

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Gosh, I hope you all have such great weeks. 

Oh, wait one more thing.......................

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