Episode 29

September 21, 2017

Episode 29

This is week 1 of our most brutal and heavy theme. You will have 3 weeks to enjoy it. The anger is real. The pain is real.

The Important Questions Hardcore Theme

Anyways we've started polling for our revisit questions - just throwing up a handful at a time and seeing what gets votes. In order to vote go to @ImpQuestionsPDC on Twitter and let us know what you want to hear again! Our first birthday is coming up, and we want to do something special. Even though typically for birthdays you give stuff to us, not the other way around. We're generous AF like that, I guess. Anyways if you've come to see what the questions are and what you can expect this week, that'll be the following: 

1) All throughout history, if humans retained cellular phone technology, how would our history have changed, and what specific moments would change?

2) From the mind of Smitty: What is the white people equivalent of fried chicken and watermelon? Pls send Smitty hate mail.

3) Why are people always taking pictures of the dumbest and most uninteresting stuff? Food isn't interesting. Additionally, how many selfies is too many selfies?

4) For all of our ugly fans out there - we got you! What career fields what it be beneficial for you to be ugly?

Rsz 2rsz cover art

Hey everybody - we would love if you click that big button that says "Submit a Question" because it helps us when we don't want to come up with our own content. Believe it or not, coming up with weekly questions can be a challenge, and it's nice to let someone else take the reigns and prove their brilliance. Also it's a cool way to interact with us, the Acolytes of Knowledge. 

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Buttcheck gun dude

Music by Scott and Dave. OG theme also written with Mitch. 

Kill me.


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