Episode 28

September 14, 2017

Episode 28

Hey folks, this is the last week. Download The Important Questions Aloha Theme and get ready for next week's new theme! This week's art brought to you by Smitty featuring an amputee sitting in the Important Questions BBQ sauce, available soon through our store.

But seriously, in the coming weeks we're going to need help! Help from you - the fans, the listeners, the acolytes at home. By going to our contact or submit a question link, please let us know which questions you want us to revisit! That's right - any question from our first demo up to this point. If you didn't think we got the point across, we will revisit it in our first birthday revisit special! Or just submit your own original questions, which is also cool. 

But if you're here the listen and not participate, here's what you can expect:

1) From Scott: Which jobs and/or careers would be better if intoxicated? 

2) From Smitty: How does a quadruple amputee (aka a nugget) get a lapdance at a strip club if they don't have laps?

3) From Dave: Why the fuck is it so hard to just converse with people? Side note, I don't understand social anxiety, so I guess I apologize for people who think I'm an asshole. But seriously, who is getting worked up just asking someone a question at the store or just saying hello? Just talk to each other. 

4) From Mitch: Which jobs would give you the skill set to get you prepped for a completely unrelated field?

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And if you've made it this far down, please do participate with us. Submit a question and let us know what you wanna hear again! Be nice to us, we aren't really as shitty as we come off in the show. And just to prove it, I'm gonna tell you all to have a great week.

Have a great week!

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