Episode 27

September 7, 2017

Episode 27

The Important Questions Aloha Theme

That link up there - that's our featured theme song for last week, this week, and the week to come. We're releasing new genres every 3 weeks until we've used them all up. Then, something magical is coming! Keep your ears peeled.

Anyways, welcome to episode 27, the episode that features our characters as homeless folk - relevant to Mr. Crane's questions of the week. Hope you all make it that far. 

The questions are as follows:

1) When is it ever acceptable to speak to somebody in a public restroom?

2) How soon is too soon when it comes to making fun of tragic events?

3) What scent would make for the absolute worst scented candle of all time?

4) Since nobody carries around cash anymore, how will beggars and homeless people adapt to a world of plastic?

Be sure to submit a new listener question, or use our submit button to let us know what your favorite question of the last year has been. In a few weeks, we'll be doing a revisit episode on the questions of the first year as chosen by the fans. We hope you'll be a part of that with us. 1 more month until we're a whole year old :-)

As always, have great week.

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