Episode 26

August 31, 2017

Episode 26

Have you heard our latest in our line of theme songs? If not, here's a way for you to start:

--------------------- > The Important Questions Aloha Theme

Art by Smitty and on time by Smitty. Feat sexy Abe Lincoln

Be sure and listen to the end and get a feel for where the show is going for our first year anniversary! 3 shows in 1 week and we're going to need your help!

But without further introduction, here's the questions you can expect this week.

1) Little league baseball isn't as good as regular, however what sport would be more entertaining if a little league version featured children trying their best?

2) Since only Christmas and Halloween seem to be the holidays which bring out the most festivities, what if every single minor holiday also was treated the same way? How would we celebrate earth day with the intensity of Halloween?

3) We've all heard of household cures for stupid ailments. Hiccups? Hold your breath. Drink some water. Sneezing, just put pressure on the roof of your mouth? 

How can this same approach be applied to terrible diseases like AIDS, cancer, herpes, and more?

4) Since crime happens literally at any time during the day, why do superheroes ever need a day job?

As always, from our hearts to yours, enjoy your weeks and happy Labor Day!

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