The Lightning Round: Volume 3

August 24, 2017

The Lightning Round: Volume 3

If you haven't yet downloaded The Important Questions Theme Punk Style then why not do it now?

This week again features 2 arts - Mitch got involved in the fun! Scroll down for Smitty making salty art about how we always pick on him for loving his own goddamn farts. 

Now if you're not already aware, we've done 2 lightning round style episodes in the past, and we encourage you to give them a listen. They're a unique episode style that forces us to get our answer out in 5 minutes whether or not we need more time. We do 8 questions, 2 per host. This episode, we let each host give their questions back to back. With that said, here's what you can expect:


1) Why do small dogs believe that they're completely invincible?

2) Do transgender people need 2 job resumes?


1) Why aren't horse owners expected to pick up their horse's giant shit while dog owners have to pick up after their animal despite them having smaller shits?

2) (our first who-would-win) Who would win in a fight between Goku, the great Super Saiyan warrior, or a 13 year old prepubescent boy wearing a tapout shirt and axe body spray?


1) Does peeing in a bottle and dumping it on something actually count as peeing on that thing?

2) Michael Jordan was in a commercial advertising batteries and got batteries thrown at him. How could this event be applied to advertisers like Jared Fogle, the child molesting ex-Subway sandwich man?


1) If diamonds and dogs weren't man and woman's best friend, what would replace them?

2) Are traps gay?

AND THEN we do another horrible product review. Jeppson's Malort is popular in Chicago, but the liquor taste has been compared to drinking an abortion. Stick around for the last 5 minutes when we see how bad it really is!

If you made it all the way down here, enjoy Smitty's artwork about how he's pissed off at fart jokes made at his expense. 

Dead horse1

Also - October 12th is going to be our 1st anniversary of the show! We will be doing a triple release of episodes on that day including a best of the first year compilation, a listener episode, and an episode decided by our fans! Keep your eyes and ears out for more details, and be sure to remember your favorite questions of the first year so we can revisit them again! Have a shitty week! :)