Episode 25

August 17, 2017

Episode 25

Hey, for the next 2 weeks we're showing off The Important Questions Theme Punk Style in our series of theme song genres. More to come!

Assuming Smitty returns some artwork, I'll post it at the bottom of the page. This week, myself, the great Dave, drew up a masterpiece of art to feature. Mitch drinks aids, but only a taste.

The questions for this week are..................................

Scott: (Our first would-you-rather question) Would you rather know when you will die but not how, or how you will die but not when?

 - Features bloody aids bucket talk

Mitch: Since so many comic book superheroes are changing names/genders/features; how far does a superhero have to change until they are a completely different person?

Smitty: What is the most convenient phobia to have in a bunch of different career fields? Also, what's the most INCONVENIENT phobia to have for careers?

Dave: Can any actor or actress make their big break from starring in those terrible late-night infomercials? 


The Important Questions is nearing the end of its first year! Thank you to everyone who listened to us from our shitty and humble beginnings. We are planning to release some fun extra content for our first birthday and we'll need some fan input. Stay tuned in the weeks to come! And of course, aside from that, submit a question to us so we can make more listener episodes.  Then, like us on various social media sites, review us, and donate at least $7 to us on Patreon. 

Check back down here every few minutes for Smitty's late artwork submission. Have a great week, dudes! 

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