Episode 24

August 10, 2017

Episode 24

Welcome all to week 24. Sincere apologies for taking the last week off, but shit happens. Anyways, as is tradition. Please download our newest theme song! The Important Questions Theme Punk Style

This week features a great nsfw piece of titty art. Pls enjoy. 

Questions for the week are as follows:

1) Yeah, everyone has heard of the age old question "what's the deal with airline food" but Smitty decided it's important to ask. Therefore, what's the actual deal with airline food?

2) Since being hipster is about being against the mainstream, but being hipster is now mainstream, what would the new and improved modern hipster have to be like to be against the mainstream again? (Also pls enjoy our long sidetracked conversation about pop punk).

3) A lot of car mods are illegal because they cause distractions. But by that logic, why are extremely distracting billboards still allowed?

4) Those people who hold the images of abortion signs obviously aren't changing any minds. Babies still getting aborted out there. What is the next logical step for those people?

Please go ahead and submit some questions to us so we can do another listener episode! We are very close to putting together a new one! And if you enjoy our art, follow Smitty @mista_smiff on Instagram and see the other degenerate stuff he makes. Enjoy ya'lls weeks.  

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