Episode 23 - Smitty vs. the Trinidad Scorpion

July 27, 2017

Episode 23 - Smitty vs. the Trinidad Scorpion

This is our last week advertising The Important Questions Theme in A Capella but next week there will be another new and fantastic genre!

Please enjoy our sweet rat art from Smitty's hand to your brain. Also, stick around til the end! Smitty will be eating the world's 2nd hottest pepper - The Trinidad Scorpion!

If you make it that far, we reward you all with a lightning round question: Why did we get rid of the car horn that goes AAAOOOOGAH?

Aside from that, here's some questions you can expect.

1) Why did choosing our victim for food at restaurants only make its way into lobster thanks? Why can't we select our own chickens, cows, or pigs?

2) Seeing as though robotics in 2017 is fairly limited to automatic sinks, dryers, and doors; what would the robot uprising look like today?

3) What would life be like with dandruff on pubes and armpits? (Classic Smitty question)

4) What won't we do to lab rats, and what would happen if they could retaliate?

If you've made it this far, Smitty then eats the pepper and you can decide for yourself whether or not it was anticlimactic. 

As always, thank you all for listening. Please connect with us, we love hearing from fans and we especially love hearing from people who hate us. Like us on our social media pages and such. Regardless, we're still gonna release new episodes. 

Have a lovely week all!

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