Episode 22

July 20, 2017

Episode 22

If you have not yet downloaded The Important Questions Theme in A Capella then please find the time to do so now!

Also enjoy our weekly artwork that Smitty brings to the table. This one's related to question #4 of this week. 

This week, we're beginning the hype for next week. Will Smitty die next week during his ultimate challenge? Find out next time, but also stay tuned for this week too. The questions of the week are:

1) I, the great Dave, start the week. What animal could you keep as a pet that would serve you no benefit at all? Some stupid common pets still provide some good conversation, exotic looks, or some level of comfort and companionship. But which animal would provide nothing at all?

2) Scott asks, which genre of film or TV would be the worst one to be the cameraman for?

3) What keeps standalone mattress stores going when people rarely ever need to pick up a mattress?

4) Should Law and Order begin a new series tailored towards petty and minor crimes?

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Lima bean

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