Episode 21

July 13, 2017

Episode 21

This week, please enjoy the third version of our theme song. Warning: stupid. The Important Questions Theme in A Capella

How stupid can one week of the show be? Last week we tried and succeeded at a world record yeah boi. Last week we discussed why Smitty loves his farts. So just how stupid can our 21st episode be?

Please enjoy our artwork for the week too, a lovely depiction of our acolyte Mitch sporting a stylish Hitler mustache.

Now if that didn't excite you enough, here's our questions that you'll hear from us this week.

1) There have been several supreme court cases that have reshaped our nation as a whole. Mitch asks, what court case will bring us into a new age: The Age of the Bitch?

2) Will anything ever bring back the toothbrush mustache AKA the Hitler stache? Will it be once again acceptable and in fashion magazines in 100-200 years, or has Hitler forever ruined the look?

3) Why does Smitty love his own goddamn farts, but when other people fart, he hates those goddamn farts?

4) Scott asks which creative new ways can be used to escape financial debts? Now that faking your own death is harder than its ever been, where can we turn to escape the burden of having our souls owned by debt companies?

Please enjoy your weeks. If you'd be so kind, submit a question to us. A few good ideas for questions that we always wanted to answer could be:

- What if everything was elephants?

- Why does Smitty love his own farts?

- Is a hotdog a sandwich?

- Who would win in a fight between Superman or some kid with a Tapout shirt?

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